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Two Maids prioritizes customer service and quality

At Two Maids, our goal is to make a difference in people's daily lives. We help busy families maintain beautiful, clean and healthy homes and take care of the chores that no one has the time or energy to do. We proudly serve our customers so they can focus on what matters most to them.

Two Maids actively supports the "Cleaning for a Reason" organization, which offers free housecleaning to people undergoing cancer treatment. Most of us have experienced cancer first-hand and we know that the kindness and service of others is a blessing that can provide some comfort and peace of mind in challenging times. Two Maids is proud to play a small part in that effort. We also partner with Alliance for Hope International to help provide support and care for survivors of domestic violence.

At Two Maids, we endeavor to build dedicated and honest teams that looks forward to caring for your home. We know that providing our Professional House Cleaners with a growth plan, healthy compensation, and an environment that fosters encouragement and compassion will result in happier employees that can better meet or exceed our customers expectations.

Two Maids cherishes the value people with disabilities bring to all aspects of life and we strive to ensure access to employment opportunities and our services where possible. We work diligently to align our websites and web applications with the latest Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). We work to keep pace with these ever-evolving standards because we recognize their importance in making the digital world a more accessible environment for those with disabilities. View Accessibility Statement.

Our Spring Hill Team

Hello! We are Greg & Kelly Steranko, the owners of the Two Maids of Spring Hill location.

We’re new to this industry but not new to running a successful business. We were both executives in the Oil & Gas industry in Texas for many years so we were comfortable and confident in our ability to run a business but wanted something that would fit with our lifestyle and phase of life. Two Maids was the great fit we were looking for.  Their core values and the amazing support system for their franchisees are top notch and made the decision easy.  

The corporate tag line is Let Life Shine which we really love and stand behind. In just a short time, we have already met so many amazing people –employees, clients and throughout the community. We are excited everyday to run this business. They say love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life – that’s true and is Letting Life Shine for us. We hope to be able to pass that on to everyone that our business touches. We have been very blessed during our life so we will endeavor to pay that forward and Let Life Shine for as many people as possible! 

The systems that Two Maids have in place are world class. Most of us think of cleaning as run of the mill, easy everyday tasks that most everyone does and knows how to properly do. I know I felt like I’ve been cleaning my own house for years so do I really need training on how to clean? Yes, I absolutely did! Just something as simple of consistently working room by room, top to bottom, left to right, etc. allows the room to have that complete, A+ finished look that I didn’t used to get because I ping ponged around the house dusting a bedroom, then mopping the kitchen and then jumping over to scrub a shower.  I used to clean all day and never feel like I was finished. The efficiency and attention to little details makes a world of difference.

We are very excited to be offering our services throughout our territory in Hernando and Citrus county. It’s been overwhelming, but also affirming, the huge number of people that have told us that our area needs a service like ours. A reputable cleaning service that will show up as promised and provide the services as promised and not just on the first visit. We want to be known as the dependable and honest provider of choice within our community. That’s a goal worth working hard for!

Owner | Two Maids Spring Hill

Hello! We are Greg & Kelly Steranko, the owners of the Two Maids of Spring Hill location.

Spring Hill, FL