What Our Clients Say

Kat and Sandra we amazing. They were on time, organized, professional, and super efficient. I highly recommend two maids!!!
Kari Kesicki
Spring Hill, FL
Jeff Kies
Kat and Shelly did an outstanding job! Very professional and courteous. Highly recommend
Beth Groulx
Jill and Shelly did a great job on the monthly service we get. We are very pleased with Two Maids services!
Karen Savela
I had Jill and Shelly here today and they were really great! They work diligently, don't waste any time, clean everything needing it, and have sweet personalities. I hope I get them again next month.
Jenny Young
Sandra and Ashley were great, personable and hard working. If there was dust they found it. I would recommend.
Vicki Gibson
Jill and Shelly cleaned my house today and did a fantastic job. They cleaned places others miss! I welcome them back next month, Pls.