About Us

Two Maids prioritizes customer service and quality

Our Pay for Performance program is what sets us apart from our competition and allows our customers to rank their maid service on a scale from 1-10. This ranking directly determines what our house cleaners earn on each job, making sure that you get a Level 10 clean each and every time.

Our company also supports the “Cleaning for a Reason” organization. Through this relationship, we offer free house cleanings to anyone undergoing cancer treatment. Our family has known cancer first-hand and how the support and kindness of others can be a blessing.

We believe you will find that we are building a dedicated and conscientious team that looks forward to caring for your home. First and foremost, we want to make customer service our top priority. We want to exceed your expectations.

Our Clinton Township Team

Hello! My name is Melissa Robb, and I am the proud owner of Two Maids & A Mop, the fastest growing residential maid service in the United States. We are the first franchise in the state of Michigan and we proudly serve Macomb and Wayne County.

My entire career has been spent in the service industry, making people happy. For the past 20 years I worked as Director of Human Resources for two large family-owned companies, first in Chicago and later in the Detroit area. Before jumping into human resources, I served as a catering director for a large hotel chain and managed multiple restaurants in Chicago. When I am not working, I spend time with my family and beloved dog and devote countless hours volunteering for organizations and charities that serve our local communities. When I heard about Two Maids, I knew it was a perfect match for me.

My mission with Two Maids is to build lifelong partnerships with my clients that bring them peace of mind, security, and the precious gift of time. Employees are our biggest asset. Having managed hundreds of employees, I understand the importance of treating employees with respect, fostering their growth, encouraging their success. and contributing to their happiness.

Our Pay for Performance plan is a fundamental game-changer. Our employees’ compensation is directly tied to customer ratings. The higher the rating – the more money our employees make. This makes our employees motivated to deliver quality service every single time they step into your home. What does this mean for our customers? Consistency, exceptional service, attention to detail, and employees who are engaged and willing to go that extra mile.

We know it is a big decision when choosing a maid service you can trust. Your home is one of your most precious assets. It is your sanctuary, it is where you raise your children, and create memories for a lifetime. Two Maids & A Mop understands.

Two Maids & A Mop is more than just a residential maid company. We are a family. We are a part of your community. And we will not disappoint. Thank you for trusting us!

Owner | Two Maids Clinton Township

Hello! My name is Melissa Robb, and I am the proud owner of Two Maids & A Mop, the fastest growing residential maid service in the United States.

Clinton Township, MI