What Our Clients Say

Cassie and Alisha just finished transforming my house with a “deep clean.” They were very friendly, professional, efficient and thorough! I couldn’t be happier! I’m tremendously grateful and highly recommend them! Thank you Two Maids!
Kris Thorp
Virginia Beach, VA
Bill Kruczynski
Courteous and friendly cleaners did a great job cleaning our house. Thank you for your service.
adida houck
Recommend to all my friends! Very reasonably priced! Friendly staff… very detailed oriented… always super pleased when they leave!
Kelli Walker
Melo and Cassie were awesome, did a great job cleaning too to bottom and tolerated my preference of cleaning music. Would recommend!
Vnk Snxz
The team was ready on time. They were polite and attentive, took the time to listen to and explain some questions. I liked their disposition to help, always respectful.
Solita Heath
Rachel & Jasmine were awesome! They focused on exactly what I asked. They were thorough and saw the job through. I highly recommend them!