What Our Clients Say

They made my house clean again! Yaaaaaaay! Very happy with them! They did a great job!
Sam Coon
Murfreesboro, TN
Carl Hice
The best cleaning service I've ever used. Love the staff..! You cant go wrong.
Kathy Haynes
They did a fabulous job. Everything shines, every nook and cranny were spotless. I highly recommend Two Maids.
Pete Ozolins
The team were very personable and worked hard to make my place shine. I was impressed and hope they can come back and clean my place again.
Stacie Chriske
Two Maids Murfreesboro always do such a great job for us! We have 2 golden retrievers and it’s amazing how clean they make our home and deal with the wonderful tumble weeds of fur. Ha! Thanks so much!
Jennifer A
I use Dusty and Vanessa and they are fantastic! They do a great job and are super friendly.