What Our Clients Say

10/10!! Jen & Bri did such an amazing job at our house this week. It has never been this clean 😍
Morgan Whaley
Fort Walton Beach, FL
Jan Morris
Awesome job by the ladies! Our first time together and look forward to future visits. Very thorough and efficient!!
Zach Krueger
Caroline and Mallory did an excellent job! Will continue using 2 Maids as long as they are there!
Skol14 Diggs
Huge shoutout to Mallory and Caroline. The best cleaners in the whole wide world. If my house was in a dirty crisis I would lay all my money on the line for these two hard working people. God bless ya’ll!
Ashley Knarzer
Caroline, Erin and Mallory are excellent! With how busy we are, I am so pleased to have them! They are consistent, dependable, and hard workers. They pay attention to detail and I never have to go back to redo cleaning when they come.
Peggy Thomas
The team who came out did an amazing job. My house has not been this clean in a long time. I highly recommend this team and would like them as my new team. I plan on tipping them again. Their attention to detail was quite impressive.