What Our Clients Say

Katie Smith
Wonderful service every time! Trustworthy, on time and efficient. I have yet to find these qualities (and have them last) in any other maid service. So happy I finally found Two Maids! Call them-- you will not be disappointed!
Katie Smith
Birmingham, AL
Beth Cooper
First time I have used Two Maids and it was a great experience! I had the deep clean and my house hasn’t been this clean in ages! The ladies were super polite and professional. Would definitely recommend!
Kelsey Anderson
Our move out clean turned out great. The house smells and looks so clean. I have more confidence now going into our house closing/walk through tomorrow. I will be using Two Maids again!
Annamarie Rodney
It was amazing! We’ve had our house cleaned for the past 10 years and your team is the best! Everything was cleaned perfectly! This is the first cleaning where everything was completed perfectly!
Jennifer Horton
I am so thrilled with the service and the attention to details your people have. They are prompt and efficient and most importantly they accomodate my meeting schedules and adjust their workflows thru the house to not interrupt.
William Dickie
Two Maids have provided professional and reliable service for over two years. They have demonstrated schedule flexibility also. Highly recommend!.
Brooke Morgan
The house looked clean and smelled great! The beds were all made beautifully. Enjoyed coming home to such a clean home. Will use again.